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A very simple thought colours everything I design. Furniture and interiors must be beautiful and functional both when they are created and for
a long time to come. This means that I only use high quality materials that ages with dignity.

Commissions may include production of a specific piece of furniture as well as designing a whole interior. I help you to choose materials that work harmoniously together and age well over time.

Other types of commissions might be to concretize an idea that later on is meant for a series production.
You could simply put it as "designing a function".

I aim at using renewable and natural materials as far as possible because they age beautifully, have a long life cycle and are ethically defensible.

I try to use materials that are treated ethically regarding working environment and nature resources.

Aron Wigh

Capellagården, Öland, Cabinet making and furniture design 2003-2005
Grebbestad Folk High School, Wood - Furniture Crafts, 2001-2003


Arkitekturmuseet, Stockholm, Konstslöjdssalongen 2010

Kaleido, Uppsala (separate) 2010

Not Quite på Röda Sten, Göteborg 2008

ReForma, Karlstad (separate) 2008

Not Quite valsverk, Wij trädgårdar, Ockelbo 2008

Not Quite at home, Fengersfors 2008

Panncentralen, Mariestad (with Not Quite) 2007

Bohusgalleriet, Uddevalla (with Not Quite) 2007

Not Quite, Fengersfors2006


Member of the board
Not Quite economic society 2010-

Director of Exhibitions for Not Quite 2006-

Chairman of the board
Not Quite nonprofit society 2007-2008